Omni Casino’s Summer Olympics to Kick Off in September

Omni Casino announces the commencement of its Summer Olympics. The mega event is starting this September. The prize pool kept for this event is $12,500. This is the biggest prize pool that the industry has ever witnessed. Running from September 15 to the 30th of the month, the event is going to be packed with action. The opening ceremony already started on September 1. It will continue till the main event kicks off.

The format followed by Omni Casino’s Summer Olympics is similar to how the mega slots tournaments were held by the casino site before. Every player stands a chance of winning lucrative amounts at the casino site irrespective of whether he is a high roller or a low one.

Features of Summer Olympics

The slot tournament can be participated for free. Once players start wagering on the games qualified for this event, the tournament starts automatically. Not all games are eligible for Summer Olympics but only those having 15 to 40 paylines. The tournaments can be started as per the convenience of players. However, if players start wagering early, their chances to win are more. Players also have the opportunity of earning a tournament spin point on any eligible slot game. There are three leader boards which rank players on the basis of their accumulated points. More the number of points collected, better will be the rank of players.

Opening Ceremonies Point Booster

Players can start placing wagers during the opening ceremony as well. From September 1 to 14 for which the ceremony runs, players can carry about 1,000 tournament points forward. The total wagers of a player have to be between a range of $5,000 to $15,000 to be able to carry forward these points. With wagers exceeding $15,000, as many as 2,500 tournament points can be achieved.

Hurdles Prize Booster

Players going beyond 75,000 spins with real money within the period for which the tournament runs are eligible to receive 100 additional points. Certain trivia questions are also asked by the casino site this month. Players, who have made a minimum deposit of $300, can answer those and receive a bonus of $10.